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Dianne Swann and Brett Adams have worked together since 1992.
Swann you will remember from When The Cat's Away and Adams has recently been playing guitar for Tim Finn and back when he was 19 he played with The Mockers. From The Julie Dolphin, as the pair first called themselves in London, to Boom Boom Mancini and now to The Bads.

Within six months they had a record deal, had written, recorded and produced an E.P. and an album, received critical acclaim and a growing audience when they toured and played live with the likes of Oasis, Green Day, Catatonia, etc, and found themselves on College radio in the States, Radio One in London and single of the week in NME.

TJD were hand picked by members of Radiohead to tour with them twice throughout the UK. Dianne is the female silhouette seen playing keyboards in the Radiohead Live at the Astoria video and the other voice on a song called How Can You Be Sure?, a duet with Thom Yorke which featured on the Japanese version of The Bends and on the B side of Fake Plastic Trees.

Dianne and Brett's songwriting talents were recognised and they signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music (UK). A demo of their song Super Model Human found its way onto the XFM A list and before long they were signed by Jerry Moss and Herb Albert, to their label ALMO Sounds.

They recorded an album as Boom Boom Mancini and the excitement continued- videos were shot and tours were booked to support the coming album-until the sad day Jerry Moss decided that a million years in the music industry was long enough and closed his record company. Dianne and Brett felt as though enough was enough and so disbanded BBM.

Dianne and Brett returned to New Zealand in 2002 and finished recording Earth From Space, an album of songs they have written together and separately as The Bads.

After the amazing and sometimes stressful London experience, they feel a lot more relaxed about music and things in general.

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