Mt Eden

Mt Eden

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MT EDEN DUBSTEP (comprising of Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner) are quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the local and international d’n’b and dubstep scenes.

They started out with a passion for making remixes and over time have developed their own distinctive style, with soulful vocals and massive bass lines. In the two years since releasing their first tracks on Youtube, Mt Eden Dubstep are breaking barriers and have gained thousands of fans with much critical acclaim from all corners of the globe. In particular, their biggest track ‘Sierra Leone’ (bootleg) has already reached 4.5 million views and is rapidly increasing. Expect filthy resonating bass lines, stomping drums, eerie vocals and a bit of hip hop flavour.

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New EP "MEDS", released Dec. 1st - Avaliable for FREE DOWNLOAD at