Streets of Laredo

Streets of Laredo

About the Artist

Inspired by the evangelical fervor of the 70's folk circuit that spawned modern day re-incarnations like Father John Misty, Joshua Tilman and the Butler brothers, Streets of Laredo quickly gelled around the idea of a traveling family band

Its always hard to put your finger on the exact moment a band began, but it's safe to say that Streets of Laredo probably started in a beach-house on the wild Coromandel coast of New Zealand back in the summer of 2012.

Since then the band has relocated to New York City and after a year of extensive touring playing over 140 shows the band signed a management deal with The Strokes manager Ryan Gentles. 

The band are now in the midsts of a North American Tour that includes supporting The Kaiser Chiefs, Bonnaroo Music Festival, supporting Cults in Canada and their own month-long headline tour. They have also signed a deal with Canadian label Dine Alone. To celebrate the signing and to commemorate the tour, the band will release a digital EP Lonsdale Line.

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Volume I & II by Streets of Laredo cover art

Volume I & II

The band's debut EP, the first of two volumes to be released one month apart, is a collection of five vocal-driven tracks with an undeniable connection to their new American ...