David Dallas

David Dallas

About the Artist

David Dallas is a rapper from New Zealand. Formerly known as Con Psy and 1/2 of hip hop duo Frontline.

Following the release of his sophomore album 'Falling Into Place' in October last year, featuring the platinum selling single 'The Wire' featuring Ruby Frost, Daveid Dallas continues to solidify himself as one of New Zealands's most prodigius talents.

The success follows his revolutionary previous album, 'The Rose Tint', which was downloaded for free over 60 thousand times in 2011. Despite not releasing a retail version until it had already been freely available for 6monts, it would still go on to become the highest selling Hip Hop album in New Zealand that same year. 

Not one to rest on his laurels, Daved Dallas is already working on his fourth solo album, set for release in late 2014 and has just returned from an international showcase tour which saw him perform across three key international markets - Europ, the USA and Australia.


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