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Punishing, churning dissonance mixed with their trademarked sense of melody and textured rhythm work, coupled with a greater foray into mood and atmosphere.

An entirely bleaker effort than anything ever realised by the band, guitar lines swirl and evolve into one another, percussive patterns work in and around the melody lines while the band further develops the linear style of writing they've come to be known for.

Frantic, desolate and emotive, 'Everything is Fire' straddles the divide between pure chaotic density and raw, natural tones, marking a breath of fresh air in the climate of over-produced, stagnant and clinical metal.

'Everything is Fire' represents a band with a wholly unified musical and aesthetic direction.


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The Destroyers of All by Ulcerate cover art

The Destroyers of All

The Destroyers Of All is an album that wraps dissonant and non-conventional riffing patterns (like the Immolation-esque guitars on the opener "Burning Skies") with the astounding drum performance that fuses ...