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Avalanche City

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The story of Avalanche City begins in a house, alone, for hours and hours each day...

... For months, slowly learning how to sing by process of scales, recording, and self critique.

Six months after taking the first steps towards singing, Dave Baxter played his first solo show as Avalanche City. Six months after the first show, one year after beginning the process of teaching himself how to sing, the first tracks were laid for Avalanche City's debut album Our New Life Above The Ground.

Armed with a sack full of vegetarian single serve curries Dave Baxter headed into the countryside and moved into a little community hall called the Kourawhero Hall, just north of Auckland. There he spent the week alone recording and playing everything himself with only the cows and the milk trucks as company.

The album was available free to download for four months. After 11,000 downloads and a brand new EP just released it has come time to stop the download and sell the album with the EP Snow as a deluxe 2 disc package. You can head to the online merch store by clicking the store button above to order this or to the music page by clicking music to buy a download of either the EP or album.

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Our New Life Above The Ground by Avalanche City cover art

Our New Life Above The Ground

Debut self-produced album from Avalanche City.