The Ruby Suns

The Ruby Suns

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From California but now residing in Auckland, New Zealand as a flightless native bird, Ryan drifted to these shores from Los Angeles after growing tired of coaxing his friends away from their metal band to perform backing music for his alt pop meanderings

Shortly after his arrival, he continued to develop his own music, whilst also helping out as a member of the Reduction Agents, the Tokey Tones, the Brunettes, and, more briefly, the Nudie Suits, members of which have come together to form the Ruby Suns.

At the same time, his track 'My Ten Years on Auto-Pilot' began getting a generous amount of airplay on the stations. Following this success, Ryan began work on an ambitious solo album, working in his new basement studio in order to perfect his multi-layered popadelic sound. The self-titled album is now available and out through Lil' Chief Records.

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Fight Softly by The Ruby Suns cover art

Fight Softly

Travel through the desert of pop long enough and, no matter the odds, eventually you'll find an oasis. And it just might be frozen.