Cairo Knife Fight

Cairo Knife Fight

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Cairo Knife Fight is the dangerous twosome Nick Gaffaney, a man who has drummed his way around the place for many of our leading songwriters, and Aaron Tokona, the founder and front man of iconic rock group Weta.

Though New Zealand's Cairo Knife Fight is only comprised of two men, between the tom-tom attack of drummer/lead vocalist/bass synth man Nick Gaffaney and the blood-drenched axe work of guitarist and loop pedal genius Aaron Tokona this duo deliver a tidal wave of complete sound that is both hallucinatory and imbued with an intense sense of urgency.

In a recent interview, Gaffaney likened what they do to guerrilla warfare, turning their weakness into strengths in all respects. We could not agree more. And the proof is in the riff-churned pudding. In this case, their new four-track EP Cairo Knife Fight II. The record is a massive, chest thumping, and blood curdling experience with razor sharp precision.

This is well-practiced recklessness at it's best, and Cairo Knife Fight know just how far to push it before reigning in the assault. We suspect though at some point it's all going to go horribly wrong and some sort of mega-apocalyptic scenario involving power chords and drums will be unleashed. Prepare yourself now...this is one Fight you can't escape from.


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Cairo Knife Fight II EP by Cairo Knife Fight cover art

Cairo Knife Fight II EP

Tooled up with an arsenal of drums, guitar, synth bass and loop pedals, Cairo Knife Fight pack a riff-driven punch...