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Barely a year ago, Kiwis-in-exile Shelton Woolright (drummer from Blindspott) and Paul Matthews (Tadpole and Stylus bassist) hooked up in London to form the rock solid basis for a power trio to take on the world - I Am Giant. Adding Englishman Ed Martin, who has lent his considerable vocal chops to bands and as singer for Artful Dodger and Craig David, they headed downunder to test the waters with their hard-hitting rock sound with a soulful edge. I AM GIANT quickly connected with a Kiwi audience and within weeks, tracks from their debut EP were heading up the rock charts. Meanwhile back in Europe, a serious hook-up with Quiksilver had I Am Giant soundtracking Kelly Slater films and headlining skate and surf events around the Continent. Raging riffery, anthemic songs with intricate hooks and Ed’s phenomenal soaring vocals on top have already the appropriately titled I Am Giant a name on many rock tastemakers’ lips this year.

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City Limits/ Neon Sunrise by I Am Giant cover art

City Limits/ Neon Sunrise

London based band consisting of New Zealanders Shelton Woolright (Blindspott), Paul Mattews (Tadpole/Stylus) and Brit Ed Martin (Volume) present their debut EP City Limits/Neon Sunrise.

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