NZ Music Month May 2017

What is NZMM?

NZ Music Month is a promotion run by the NZ Music Commission that takes place each May, with other organisations including NZ On Air, Recorded Music, APRA AMCOS, Independent Music NZ, and the Radio Broadcasters Association also closely involved. And obviously NZ Music Month could not succeed without the support of the country's labels, media, the general public, and, most importantly, the artists themselves.

The Commission acts as the information hub for local music news in the lead-up to NZ Music Month and during May itself. It does so by spreading the word about key releases and live shows directly to the public and also to relevant media nationwide.

In addition to this the Commission stages official NZ Music Month events and works with brands and sponsors to integrate as much relevant activity into May as possible.



In 2001 the first NZ Music Month took place with the primary objective of increasing the proportion of NZ songs on commercial radio. For some years now commercial radio has been playing significantly more local content than they were a decade ago, and the focus of NZ Music Month has changed accordingly.

The most noticeable difference is the increase in public participation with launch gigs, official merchandise, and other promotions giving Kiwis a chance to become directly involved. Shihad's free show in Aotea Square in 2005, the Little Town, Big Gig promotion with OpShop in 2008 that culminated in a free show in Greymouth, and the annual industry showcase are all examples of successful NZ Music Month activity, while the ongoing demand for NZ Music Month apparel demonstrates how keen New Zealanders are to show their support.

Why do we have it?

With higher levels of local content on radio year-round, the initial objective of NZ Music Month is no longer so relevant. Instead the overall goal is to grow awareness of homegrown music, something that the Commission measures in a variety of ways.

With accompanying growth in media coverage of local music in May, NZ Music Month has both commercial and cultural impact helping to drive sales of established artists and provide exposure for new NZ musicians each year.



If you're a band or brand, live venue or label, retailer or radio station, and you'd like to be involved in NZ Music Month 2017 - even as a volunteer - please get in touch with Simon Woods, Music Month Manager, at:


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