About the New Zealand Music Commission

The New Zealand Music Commission Te Reo Reka O Aotearoa is a government funded organisation that promotes music from New Zealand and supports the growth of New Zealand music businesses – both culturally and economically, at home and abroad. The hub of NZ Music Month, the Music Commission also deliver contemporary music programmes in schools, including the Musicians Mentoring in Schools Programme; provides music upskilling tools and resources; and runs the international market development & trade show programme Outward Sound.


The Vision of the Music Commission is a successful music industry in New Zealand.

The Mission of the Music Commission is to support the growth of the music industry in New Zealand, both culturally and economically, at home and abroad.

The organisation has a small staff - six full-time and four part-time employees - and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board members have been appointed specifically for their knowledge and skills across all facets of the NZ music business and they meet seven times a year.

We firmly believe that:

  • Music has value
  • Music is an essential part of our national identity
  • Successes achieved both at home and abroad impel increased cultural pride and increase New Zealander's sense of place in the world.

The Music Commission reports to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage via the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.




Meet the Board

Victoria Blood (Chairperson) - WeCreate

Harry Lilley - Creative Sounds / The Stomach

Jeni Little - Music Educator

Lorraine Barry - Lorraine Barry Management

Matthew Davis - Flying Out Records

Greg Bonnett (Deputy Chairperson) - BNZ Bank

Nick Atkinson - Artist & Manager; Board Artist Rep, Recorded Music NZ

Savina Fountain - IGNITE & Big Fan

Wairere Iti - Māori Music Industry Coalition