Alec Bathgate

Alec Bathgate

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Alec Bathgate has a remarkable gift at giving his indie-pop tunes a hard-edge with just the right input of fuzzed out guitar and looped rhythms.

His guitar-playing career reaches back to New Zealand's seminal punk group, The Enemy. This group slowly morphed into Toy Love, whose first single received a rave review in the NME way back in 1980. However, it was when Bathgate and his bandmate, Chris Knox, decided to create their two-piece outfit, The Tall Dwarfs, that they really began to blow people's minds. The duo created a legacy among underground music scenes across the world and continue to be one of New Zealand's most respected music exports. Bathgate's solo work finally allows his remarkable guitar-work and sense for a sweet melody to come to the surface in its own right.

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The Indifferent Velvet Void by Alec Bathgate cover art

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Alec Bathgate's musical lineage stretches back almost 30 years to The Enemy and includes integral membership of Toy Love and Tall Dwarfs as well as a developing solo career. This ...