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Black Wings

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Black Wings are an alternative rock trio that formed in 2006 in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Black Wings guitarist and lead singer Brendan Conlon sings about love and death, pills and true gothic style. JC Burns plays grinding, melodic basslines and sings gravelly vocals that harmonise with the lead to create a dark chorus. The pulsating distorted bass provides a counterpoint to the clean rhythm guitar chops. Drummer Tristam Laycock lays down a solid beat and keeps the three piece rolling steadily through the dark terrain

Black Wings are very pleased to announce that they have released their first album, Meltwater, through New Zealand music label, Powertool Records. The nine track album, Meltwater, includes such outstanding tracks as: ‘Amber', about the feeling of death when you know for sure that love is gone; ‘Straight Jacket', which describes an edgy day waiting for final judgement; and ‘Salt', about the pain of being deprived of your poison, whatever it might be. One of the highlights of the album, ‘The Pahiatua Track', is about living in a small town in New Zealand and the winding roads that run in and out of it.

CD copies of Meltwater are available to purchase now from Powertool Records and to download from many websites including:,,,,,


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