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They spent the next two years continuously gigging throughout the Auckland scene and released their first E.P Black Bone Zoo, later adding a forth member ex- Austere Guitarist/Vocalist Brent Ahuriri. In late 2014 the band changed course and name, becoming Coridian with new vocalist Dity (ex-Mile High).

Coridian is inspired by heavyweights such as Deftones, Incubus and Karnivool. They incorporate groove, big guitar tones and complex song writing while maintaining hooks and melody. Solid melodic bass, wavering groove beats and experimental heavy guitar combined with soaring vocals and ambient moments. Songs are created as instrumental pieces and the vocals are used as an instrument and not just layered on top. Each instrument has its own moments and presence with the vocals flowing throughout carrying various moods.

The band is set to release its Debut Coridian E.P "Oceanic" in August 2015, with the single Alexandria being released in July 2015.

Coridian is

Dity Maharaj-Vocals

Mike Raven-Guitars

Kris Raven-Drums

Nick Raven-Bass


Latest Release

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Oceanic  by Coridian cover art


Oceanic is the Debut E.P by Coridian. Recorded at Roundhead Studios and Revaulting Records under the production of Paul Lawrence.Oceanic explores themes of love, life and death. Progressive, big melodic ...