Dear Time's Waste

Dear Time's Waste

About the Artist

Born from sleepy disillusionment with life in Auckland's leafy suburbs

Dear Time's Waste paints an aural picture of soft water colour with a grey wash of light that is - according to one listener - "akin to a morning orgasm".

Dear Time's Waste has so far played at the Auckland Laneways Festival, with Woelv, Jim White, John Doe, Cut off Your Hands, Don McGlashan, So So Modern, Rodney Fisher (Goodshirt), Grayson Gilmour and Deerhunter to name a few.

The first single, Clandestine, quickly became a bNet favourite, and with a live show that conjures spellbinding musical dreams, Dear Time's Waste is an artist you need to make yourself familiar with.


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Some Kind Of Eden by Dear Time's Waste cover art

Some Kind Of Eden

Steeped in the gothic permanence of early Cure and the cloud-skipping gaze of Garlands era-Cocteau Twins.