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Ignatia : Rising

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Ignatia : Rising are a 4 piece, occasional more piece, pop/rock group who crafted their style in the Wild West (Auckland, NZ) party and club circuit in the mid 90's. The group independently released their music with a 4 track EP (Demogoguery) following up with a 10 track album (Different Bodies : Different Minds) to good reviews. With six years of performing under their belt the group then embarked on an extended sabbatical for exploration and growth.
Fast forward to 2019 and Ignatia : Rising have dusted off the gear, tuned up, and plugged back in again. Maybe wiser, certainly longer in the tooth, and back to crafting music again.
The songs created by Ignatia : Rising draw influence from a broad brushstroke of historical, philosophical, political, musical, and literary works with themes threaded throughout their music and blended amongst and across genres.
The founding members of Ignatia : Rising are Paul H (drums, percussion, harmonicas), Shane H (guitar, anything with strings), Geoff B (bass, anything with thicker strings), and Craig M (vocals, guitar), along with the occasional like-minded collaborators to take the music where-ever it leads.


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You Found Me Too by Ignatia : Rising cover art

You Found Me Too

"You Found Me Too", a new release from New Zealand based rock group Ignatia : Rising.