Leila Adu

Leila Adu

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Introducing New Zealand singer / multi-instrumentalist / composer, Leila Adu.

Raised in Christchurch amongst musicians, scientists, farmers and inventors, Leila has always had an expansive outlook on life, especially in regards to music. Her many travels abroad have allowed her to grow and build a global network among fascinating people and organizations.  Yet, for Leila Christchurch has always been home.  She has been called "a revelation" by Robert Wyatt, legendary Soft Machine founder and Bjork collaborator.  MTV Iggy recently said that Leila "treats genre distinctions in much the same way that Godzilla treated those little cities made out of cardboard."  Her work on the current album "Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker" has been lauded as "Joni Mitchell brimming with melanin."  Leila has been a willful champion of New Zealand artistry, business interests and humanitarian causes with the station of women dear to her heart.

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Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker by Leila Adu cover art

Ode To The Unknown Factory Worker

"Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker is a nude and crude album (voice and piano with inserts of organ and drums.) It is edgy and sparse in places yet deep ...