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Lontalius is the project of Eddie Johnston from Wellington, New Zealand. His debut album "I'll Forget 17" was released on March 2016 and it features the singles "All I wanna say", "kick in the head" and "Glow".
Eddie began uploading hushed, forlorn covers of pop hits accompanied by an 808 and an old Casio M T-45 that a friend bought him for $2. Lontalius's buoyant take on Yung Lean's "Gatorade" found a big fan in Canadian producer/DJ Ryan Hemsworth, with Lontalius's voice gracing Hemsworth's "Walk Me Home". During 2010-2015 he often worked with Papaiti Records and recorded and performed with Taylor Groves, Miles Sutton (Tuff Wizard) and sometimes Daniel MacBride (Sheep, Dog & Wolf).

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I'l Forget 17  by Lontalius  cover art

I'l Forget 17

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