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A mix of bitter and salty instrument sounds, with honey-laced melodies and loop pedals, is brought to us by the new anti/folk indie/rock act, Luckless.

Luckless adds loop pedals and atmospherics to an unvarnished vocal sound to create crafted, layered music with an unrefined, naive edge.  References to artists such as PJ Harvey, Iron & Wine and Cat Power abound.  Four track tape recorders, old organs and valve amplifiers have created warmth throughout Luckless' otherwise rough, raw arrangements.  Some Luckless songs groove, while others take pause and reflect.  Holding it all together is a sense of detachment and isolation, with Rossiter's eerie vocals a common thread throughout.

Luckless is a collaboration between Will Wood and Ivy Rossiter.

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So Talk  by Luckless cover art

So Talk

Available via Bandcamp.