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Sharpie Crows

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Sharpie Crows is genuine Psychic Wound Music. It's a buzz, it's a vibe, it's a gas in the room that peels off your skin and paints your bones black.

Since first presenting their symptoms to the Wellington public five years ago, Sharpie Crows have become that band the disorganised and slightly frightening sick cousins of the all-too-wholesome 'Kiwi Music' pseudo-industry. Sharpie Crows prefer to burp and regurgitate the sinister side, the unwashed arse-side of popular music. This is music with intent: never strum, never flatter, never coast, don't sing a single word that hasn't insisted in a drunken dream on being sung.

You will not hear acoustic guitar, disco hi-hats, or cute winks to pop history. You will hear a recklessly propulsive band in love with rhythm and noise. Astute observers rightly distinguish the scent of Skeptics, The Fall, the Birthday Party; what they smell is post-punk's determination to make every song an unrepeatable anomaly.

This determination not to take it easy is why they are the band other bands talk about. To have seen them play or listen to their records is to have peered through a crack into a murkier world unilluminated by industry awards and unvisited by 'rock writers'. Sharpie Crows take everything seriously, except themselves. Sharpie Crows don't have what you want, but they have what you probably need - a cure for boredom.


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Mass Grave/Golf Course by Sharpie Crows cover art

Mass Grave/Golf Course

Nostalgia Kills is not just a manifesto, it's a long-playing record.