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Remember Max TV and all the cool college rock bands that would appear on it?

That's what Sherpa used to be like; and if you've read in the past the problems that they've endured playing venues and being under age well... our information was out of date. They can play venues now, they don't need fake I.D's, and with that comes a sense of maturity to their sound.

A little bit older, very much a lot more bolder, the angsty element that endeared Sherpa to an older crowd has been put aside for a moment for a more refined, more adventurous sound. Gone is the whimsical musings of high school kids - instead, the sweat and tears have ultimate harvested larger, more intricate orchestrations, and from that came the larger, more diverse audiences.


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Pretty Cool Optical Illusions  by Sherpa cover art

Pretty Cool Optical Illusions

Adding a fourth member into their midst, the band finally show the world their growth and maturity with their long awaited follow up; Pretty Cool Optical Illusions.