About the Artist

Taking a break from being in larger bands, this project is an exercise in musical self-sufficiency and using the newfound creative freedom to explore the wider universe of music. The band name came easily - with just two of them, they are a true skeleton crew! Felix creates the concepts, weaving themes together with a variety of instruments. Nicole provides a story with her lyrics, evoking a range of emotions with her smooth vocals. 

Felix is one of the youngest musicians to hold two Musical Performance Diplomas (Electric Guitar) from the London College of Music and is currently working on his Licentiate (LLCM). Over the years, Felix has played guitar and composed music in several successful young bands.


Nicole also has a Musical Performance Diploma from the London College of Music and the two first met when taking joint guitar lessons as kids (but didn’t speak to each other for the first year!). Nicole only discovered her natural vocal ability in the last couple of years and now prefers singing to playing. 

Felix and Nicole are no strangers to live performance, having played many festivals and Northland events, both separately and together, and have a lot of fun and energy on stage. They plan to put together a full live band to perform SkeletonCrew music this coming summer.

Latest Release

It's Better I Don't Know by SkeletonCrew cover art

It's Better I Don't Know

‘It’s Better I Don’t Know’, SkeletonCrew’s debut album, will be released on Friday April 10th, again across all major streaming platforms and for digital download on Bandcamp.