The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

About the Artist

The Vietnam War are Auckland's first real country rebels.

Just in time for the Rugby World Cup - the debut album of The Vietnam War.

Yes…in all its technicoloured glory, the landless heroes of New Zealand's art wasteland.

Signed to Round Trip Mars, these persevering working class beauties: pizza delivery, guitar teaching, labouring, carpenters, dead end jobs, dole queues, hangovers, housewives- are all distilled into their self titled album.

They are influenced by closed curtains, fuzz bass, harmonica, country music, doo wop rock n roll, old guitars, warm tubes, vintage 60s drums, day time TV morphine ballads, minding their own business, anxiety, sleeplessness - all sorts.

The Vietnam War are a five piece band making honest guitar music in isolation.

  • Lubin Rains

  • Saan Barratt

  • Matthew Short

  • Kristal Gallagher

  • Kari Hammond

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The Vietnam War by The Vietnam War cover art

The Vietnam War

Round Trip Mars is chest buffingly and fist pumpingly proud to present the debut album from The Vietnam War...