White Swan Black Swan

White Swan Black Swan

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Together, White Swan Black Swan are Sonya Waters and Ben Howe formerly of Fang , Ricky McShane from The Chainsaw Masocist and Ben Furniss from Surrealistic.

White Swan is the songs of Sonya Waters and Black Swan are the songs of Ben Howe; different songs and a different sound - but the people making them are the same.

White Swan Black Swan make their music in a brick house on the edge of a sleeping volcano. Their house is furnished with out-of-date Super 8 movie projectors, old amplifiers, 70's lamps, faded paintings of imagined places, all keepsakes from a past era embellishing the musical landscape. The wooden floors echo with the sounds of warm vintage equipment and analogue technology. Their brick bungalow is a rural green oasis - hidden away for the city that surrounds it.

Combined, White Swan Black Swan have veered left of their indie- rock roots to explore different territories. The music is littered with acoustic pianos, cool Fender Rhodes tones, outmoded synthesizers drones , chiming hollow body guitars and spaced out old sound effects. McShane's drums give the music a swing into 60's cool jazz or a lurch into a European funereal march. Imagine these songs in a Lynch or Fellini soundtrack, a mix of south-of-the--border country combined with psychedelic folk.

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White Swan Black Swan

This double mini album features stalwarts of the local scene, White Swan (Sonya Waters) and Black Swan (Ben Howe). The first disc features songs penned by White Swan, and the ...