Wildwood Lights

Wildwood Lights

About the Artist

Wildwood Lights are a three piece band consisting of Hannah Freer on bass, Candy Cho on guitar and Sarah Stuart on drums, with all three players taking turns at the helm as the lead vocalist or giving support in sweet harmonies and sing-a-long moments.

The rotating lead vocal allows for variation in sound and subject, whilst still running with the common theme of love and loss. Their songs are tinged with a dash of irony that legends like June Carter Cash and Wanda Jackson were known to evoke. The band also pays homage to girl groups like The Ronettes in preferring to play in a line, with stand-up drums in the centre. The result is balanced and concise live shows which mix up tempo numbers and slower waltzes.

Latest Release

True Love Woes by Wildwood Lights cover art

True Love Woes

Our debut EP, True Love Woes is out now!