Katy Soljak Band

Katy Soljak Band

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With a sound described as 'a smoky blend of Melissa Etheridge and Bessie Smith

Katy Soljak combines 'blues- folk- jazz- poetry-truth', in a style that reflects her life as a woman in the world with songs that strike a chord with new and old Bohemiens.

Katy returned from a 10 year musical stint in Los Angeles working with musicians like Steven Hodges (Tom Waits) and Paul Barrere from Little Feat. She sang back ups for Jack Brewer Band (Saccharine Trust SST) and recorded on  Harsh World SST. Her own band KATY SOLJAK regularly played the clubs on Sunset Boulevard, art galleries and Cafes in in Los Angeles and Long Beach, Californina.

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The Madonna of Godzone by Katy Soljak Band cover art

The Madonna of Godzone

The 14 tracks range from reggae to rock and feature poetic lyrics with the bluesy tones of songwriter Katy Soljak.