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Svelte was formed by Supergroove members, Tim Stewart and Ben Sciascia with drummer Jamie Woolright - son of legendary New Zealand bass player, Paul Woolright (Ticket, Hello Sailor).

The three piece have played regular shows in Auckland and Wellington over the past 6 years with bands such as The Exponents, The Bads, OdESSA, and Die! Die! Die!

The band have performed live on National Radio's ‘Home Grown’, 95BFM's 'Fancy New Band' and the group's 2009 debut single, 'Grind Your Bones' reached number 39 in the New Zealand charts.

The video for 'Grind Your Bones' was discovered by major German publishing house Gestalten and was published in their 2010 book (and DVD), 'Papercraft'. See the video on YouTube here.

Cat's Paw - Debut album out Now
Svelte have spent the last 2 years recording their debut album 'Cat's Paw' and enlisted producer Dr Karl Steven (Supergroove) to produce the 11 song record.

Listeners can expect tracks ranging from rhythm 'n' blues-based stomp 'n' roll (similar to the group's debut single 'Grind Your Bones') through to more atmospheric tracks which feature howling winds on a cold tin roof, traffic from Auckland's very own Balmoral Road and for the first time on an album, the sound of a vinyl seat.

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Cat's Paw by Svelte cover art

Cat's Paw

Svelte have been working on their debut album Cat's Paw for the past two years, enlisting producer Dr Karl Steven (Supergroove) to produce the 11 songs.