Paper Cranes 折り鶴

Paper Cranes 折り鶴

About the Artist

Local folk/pop band Paper Cranes are set to release their debut album The Road Home on March 20th, 2015.

Intertwine Fraser's love of lyrical poetry and Naomi's Japanese upbringing with a great band, and you have Paper Cranes 折り鶴. The group weaves their stories into captivating and dynamic live performances, using a diverse range of instruments (shakuhachi, ukelele, mandolin, ocarina, harmonica, accordian). in songs that move between delicacy and outright abandon.

After releasing their 2012 debut e.p. ‘Oh Love’ and winning The Audience Wildcard NZ on Air grant for their catchy single ‘Little Darling’ the band were spurred on to release a full-length album. “I had a health scare while recording the first e.p., where I found out I had cancer,” says Fraser. “This album was written well after that, so while there are some melancholy songs, many are more upbeat and hopeful.” 

Taking almost a year off to write in the peaceful, natural backdrop of Huia in the Waitakeres, Fraser and Naomi ended up with 60 songs that were eventually culled to 15 and presented to producer, Nic Manders. The final 11 tracks were recorded over 3 ½ days at Roundhead Studios the finishing touches completed at Manders’ home studio. You can hear the opposing forces of city and country in the album - of getting away from it all, but being drawn back into the freneticism of the metropolis.

The songs touch on the idea of travelling or escaping; finding places where you feel at home - just as music is a way of escaping where you are even for just a few minutes. Their debut album is set for release in February 2015.


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The Road Home by Paper Cranes 折り鶴 cover art

The Road Home

The Road Home is released via DRM and (TBC).  Fraser Browne - vox, piano / keys, guitars Naomi Browne - vox, piano /keys Sam Ogilvie – guitars Tim Roper – ...