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Offering home-made cupcakes along the way, Teacups have found themselves opening for Jose Gonzalez, Cat Power and Kimya Dawson, while also finding time to play with local friendlies Lawrence Arabia, Artisan Guns, Bear Cat and the like.

Teacups are now contemplating ways to play their songs to the dinosaur skeletons at the museum and wondering if one Harry Potter song (Lily's Eyes) is enough to get them to the next Harry Potter convention in Texas.

They're a modern-day girl group, echoing the swooning charm of yesteryear, the Teacups' songs walk your
pleasure bicycle through daydreams, around lakes, under quilt forts near fireplaces, and into starscapes to
sip flasks of sweet tea on an autumn day, en route to hearts broken and mended all the same.


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Forrest Fiction by Teacups cover art

Forrest Fiction

The three charming young women of Teacups considered calling their first release, The Sexy Night-Time Show, but in a change of heart altered it to Forest Fiction. In retrospect, a ...