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Topp Twins

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The Topp twins have always combined careers as serious musicians with comedy / theatre.

The Topp Twins invited some of New Zealand's finest musicians to play on the album. Martin Winch (Espresso Guitar) brings a distinct new sound to Topp Twins originals with his guitar tracks; Billy Kristian and Leyton Greening redefine bass and drums respectively; while special guests, Stuart Pearce on piano, Herschel (Jew Brothers) on accordion, Glenn Campbell on steel guitar dobro, provide a warm, rhythmic musical bed from the Topps' vocal harmonies. Lavina Williams of Ma-v-Elle sings backing vocals on two tracks which have a strongly Pacific feel.

The Topp twins yodelling has been compared to the 'finest in the world' (Canadian Country Music). The new CD pays tribute to two of Australia's greatest yodellers, Shirley Thoms and June Holmes, who inspired Lynda Topp to learn to yodel by practicing for five long years in her family's far back paddock after listening to old 78s on her neighbours wind-up gramophone.

Fresh from sold-out shows in Australia, where they are fast becoming established as amongst the top country artists in Australia, the Topp Twins recently travelled New Zealand's 'grass highway' from Whangarei to Invercargill on their first national tour in five years.

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Honky Tonk Angel by Topp Twins cover art

Honky Tonk Angel

The 13 track CD is touted to be their most accessible well polished country album to date with the majority of songs written by Jools and Lynda Topp