Tommy Ill

Tommy Ill

About the Artist

Three EPs in, prolific MC, Tommy Ill, is a svelte yet metaphorically obese young man - as his proverbial belt
is having to be stretched yet again to make room for his self-titled debut LP.

Tommy Ill combines all his powers of past EPs with a new rap repertoire, kind of like when the Planeteers
combined their powers to summon Captain Planet. The result - a fresh take on past offerings mingled with
completely new tracks. You can also still expect songs that tackle the everyday issues of hangovers,
heartache and bills - party tracks full of dry witticisms and cheeky rhymes set to askew pop tracks from the 50s and 60s.

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New Hat And A Haircut by Tommy Ill cover art

New Hat And A Haircut

The new album from Tommy Ill.