Carolina Moon

Carolina Moon

About the Artist

Carolina Moon's aural spectrum is a captivating canvas of world music with ancient and modern roots, deep song, and world class improvisations, at the heart of which lie the beautiful Ladino melodies of Judeo Spain.

Carolina Moon heads this world music project which began in a collaborative performance with Mark Isaacs at the Great Synagogue, Sydney 2002.

The NZ ensemble was formed in 2008 to explore medieval world song (and original / contemporary world music) within the context of a modern improvising group and assembles some of NZ's finest improvising artists with representatives from Sephardic, Western and New Zealand cultures.

Their interpretations remain true to the spirit of this beautiful music whilst bringing it into the present day.

The ensemble performs in various sized line-ups to a backdrop of visual imagery by sound artist Maree Quinn.


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Mother Tongue by Carolina Moon cover art

Mother Tongue

Exquisite songs from the ancient heart of Judeo Spain composed during a unique period of religious tolerance that produced works of enduring spiritual and artistic genius and learning.