The Pyramid Scheme

The Pyramid Scheme

About the Artist

Ethiojazz Hits! join the ancient and unholy deceased-naughty, naughty music springs forth!

The Scheme produce naughty rhythms and devilish patterns.

A triplet of cunning shamans weave naughty, naughty beats.

The Pyramid Scheme are an emerging treasure. Their fresh sound is informed by

Ethiojazz hits join the unholy ancient deceased in bed with a generation of children living with an apocalypse.

living in fear of the world they've inherited.

Scores of gifted musicians orbit a triplet of talented shamans

Consider The Scheme a national treasure.


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Massive Reminders of a Virile King by The Pyramid Scheme cover art

Massive Reminders of a Virile King

'Massive Reminders of a Virile King' chronicles The Pyramid Scheme as they summon the forgotten energies of an ancient underworld—whisking up savage rhythms—fueling fresh new vortices of utterly tornadic proportion. ...