Pacific Curls

Pacific Curls

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This high-energy female trio present an eclectic and progressive mix of world roots music with Maori, Pacific and Celtic influences.

Pacific Curls show off their consummate musicianship with their impressive array of instruments, including taonga puoro (Maori instruments), ukelele, guitar, cajon (drum), tambourine, stompbox and the fiddle.

Having performed together for over three years, this group - Kim Halliday (Rotuma, Scottish NZ), Ora Barlow (Te Whanau a Apanui) and Sarah Beattie (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) - have already toured extensively in Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and throughout New Zealand.

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Te Kore by Pacific Curls cover art

Te Kore

Over the last 10 years in Aotearoa,we have witnessed an exciting explosion of fusion music across a wide variety of genres, and the new Pacific Curls album Te Kore adds ...

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