Seth Haapu

Seth Haapu

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A pop inspired singer-songwriter from New Zealand, Seth Haapu makes a brand of life affirming, deeply colourful songs that sound like something fresh and striking.

Beamed direct from his bedroom and Roundhead Studios, his self-produced debut is a skip across the indie pop spectrum, from melancholic laments to retro-tinged rhythms, from whimsical keyboard arrangements to full blown pop. It’s honest, meaningful lyrics that embed themselves on the psyche, it’s a painting of vivid melody that gets stronger the longer you look.

Up until now Seth has harboured a penchant for dallying in various genres and bands across an array of instruments, an unassuming yet confident indie dilettante of sorts.

Despite the dabbling, with the coming of his self-created pop project comes a new found focus, and if the medley of ideas contained within is anything to go by, things can only get bigger and better from here.

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Recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead studio, Seth's debut album is a collection of fully fledged, clever and contagious pop songs that serve as a refreshing input to the current music ...


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