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Xile are a heavy hardcore band from Grafton, New Zealand. While holding fast to a style reminiscent of their country's most aggressive hardcore bands (The Burial, Promise of Bloodshed, Antagonist AD), the 5 piece blend in flavours of European beatdown (Nasty, Malevolence, Desolated) to create their own guttural, yet polished, sound.\

The vocal message is clear, from religious discontent to the violent state of our modern world, mixed in with darker lyrics of Slayer-influenced murderous escapades.

The music behind the lyrics is aggressive and relentless. There is no shortage of riffage here - technicality is matched with half-time simplicity by vocalist Luke and guitarist Simon the bands primary songwriters. The death-metal background of drummer Jai is also evident, with his technical prowess holding down the rhythm section through the entire release.

Since the bands conception in late 2016 they have extensively toured their home country, 4 Australian tours, a 9 Date China tour including South East Asia playing Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. All off the back of a 5 song, 8 minute "Grafton EP".

Recently after completing a 12 date Australian tour in support of metal monsters Thy Art is Murder in Aug 18, the band looks to release their 10 song full length album late into 2018.

Luke Manson - Vocals
Simon Bonner - Guitar
Lee Waddingham - Bass
Jai Morrow - Drums

Latest Release

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Grafton EP  by Xile  cover art

Grafton EP

Grafton EP 2016 released by BDHW REC.