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Akaname is an instrumental post-metal quartet from Wellington, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Their sound is heavy, angular and atmospheric, drawing parallels from polarized influences including Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, Crowpath, King Crimson, Tool, Sigur Ros, Blotted Science, Cephalic Carnage, Isis, Magma, Cult of Luna, Kobong, Zatokrev and Jakob.

Originally conceived in Wellington, New Zealand in 2005, Akaname released their debut EP "Filthlicker" on US based Debello Recordings in Dec 2007, a 5 track excursion in experimental grindcore that showcased the bands early love of heavy progressive music.

In 2008 Akaname parted with original vocalist Kallie Sparkles and have since remained an instrumental act, favouring a more experimental approach to sound and composition. The band relocated to Melbourne in Sept 2008, wrote a swag of material and began unleashing a brand new set of genre-bending heaviness at local venues in January 2009.

Akaname has shared the stage with... Jakob, Ulcerate, Cephalic Carnage, This City Sunrise, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Darkest Hour, The Black Dahlia Murder, Strangers, Skinless, Dial, Odiousembowel, Backyard Burial, Carthaginian Solution.. and the rest!

The band is currently recording a new EP, due for independent release Early Summer 2009

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Akaname (2010) by Akaname cover art

Akaname (2010)

1. Transmutation2. Correspondence3. Vibration 4. Polarity 5. Gender6. Rhythm 7. Causality