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DAYONE was formed in May 1998 with the final line up coming together in mid 2001.

While fitting into the heavy metallic hardcore genre, Dayone have uniqueness to their style that has established and nurtured a solid base of supporters. The combination of brutal heaviness, massive chords, technical playing and precise tightness juxtaposed with beautiful melodies create the band's huge trademark sound. Fans of Meshuggah and Isis will love Dayone

Having played at the Big Day Out earlier in the year where they drew one of the biggest crowds of the day for the essential stage, Dayone also toured with New Yorks 'One King Down' (Equal Vision Records)through New Zealand's North Island as well as 'Vision of Disorder', 'Mindsnare' and 'Good Clean Fun' from the USA. Unfortunately no longer together Dayone's full-length recording 'Less Than Perfect' is currently available as well as their self-released/self-titled 7 song EP.

Some members of Day One also make up New Way Home.

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Less Than Perfect by Dayone cover art

Less Than Perfect

Dayone's debut full-length album has an intensity, energy and unrelenting power that produce's a hardcore metal album of quality and stature. 'Less Than Perfect' grabs you and takes you for ...

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