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Malevolence is one of New Zealand’s longest standing purveyors of Metal and Grind.
Through extensive touring and numerous releases the band has achieved a reputation not only for its unique style but also as an engaging live act.

Formed in 1992, Malevolence quickly released Mortum Ad Nausea and Fuck The Lord, both of which achieved international circulation through underground tape trading networks. The band continued to gain momentum by winning the “Hard, Fast and Heavy” category in the 1996 Hatching Battle of the Bands.

Malevolence consolidated support by touring nationally with New York’s Brutal Truth and by releasing the album Almost Like Something Completely Sinister in 1997.

The pattern of touring has continued ever since. Having conducted its own national tours, Malevolence has hit the road with bands such as Finland’s Impaled Nazerene, Australia’s Blood Duster, Misery and Atomizer, Austria’s Pungent Stench plus many local acts. Malevolence has played with Punk bands such as America’s All You Can Eat, Your Mother, Schleprock and UK’s the Verukers. The band has also appeared at major New Zealand metal festivals such as Christchurch’s Satanfest, Wellington’s Hellington666 and Auckland’s Audience with the Devil.

The band’s second album Windows666 was released in 2004 with the previous year seeing Fuck the Lord re-released in the UK. Malevolence has also contributed to many compilations, including a number from Intergalactic Records.

Shows in Australia and New Zealand, including a support slot for Grind Legends, Napalm Death, followed the release of the critically acclaimed 2007 EP "Eyes To See, Ears To Hear... Wrists To Slit". 2008 saw the release of a split CD with Wellington’s Backyard Burial titled "Grinding Aotearoa", shows throughout the New Zealand and Australia, and 2 shows with Death Metal Legends, Dismember. 2009 is promising more to come with shows throughout NZ, another international tour, and the release of another album as yet untitled.

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Eyes to See Ears to Hear... Wrists to Slit by Malevolence cover art

Eyes to See Ears to Hear... Wrists to Slit

Death/Grind Metal from New Zealand. Starting with a mid-pace journey through antivivisection to a crushing ironic statement on monsters, this EP goes from strength to strength. If you think New ...

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