Ezra Vine

Ezra Vine

About the Artist

Ezra Vine is a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with escapism, indulging his melodic fantasies among handclaps, and the waltz of bass drums.

Recorded in a small bedroom in late 2012, armed only with one microphone, a macbook pro, and any instrument he could lay his hands on, Vine meticulously recordded each and every instrument, breathing life into a handful of tunes that would soon become unofficially dubbed the Les Enfants, EP. The resulting work was collision of immediate lyricism, haunting falsetto, and counter-melodies, woven through folk sensibilities. 

After hitting the New Zealand charts in late 2013 with his hit single Celeste, Ezra Vine gained worldwide attention from various record labels, publishing companies and brands eventually signing a worldwide deal with Parlophone Records. Now a full band Ezra Vine recently toured the UK including playing standing room only shows at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. 

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Celeste (Single) by Ezra Vine cover art

Celeste (Single)

Celeste is an infectious celebration of anticipation, combining an ear-worm acoustic riff with an army of floor toms, Beach Boys backing vocals, Miike Snow piano clusters, and a lilting vocal.


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