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Fou Nature have captured the Love! Pop songs for everyone that rejuvenate your love for life and the happiness it brings.

Entertainers whose very essence and vitality have you feeling that your worries are far far away. Warm and inviting Fou Nature's upbeat and positive lyrics reach across and embrace Auckland's diverse culture - spreading good vibes and a zest for life. "We believe happy people m...ake a difference" says Asey Lio, main songwriter of Fou Nature after the release of their first single 'Ooh Ooh Song' "Having our songs played on Mai FM, Kiwi FM, Niu FM, Fresh TV, C4 and Juice TV has been a huge buzz" Asey says; also commenting that 'Ooh Ooh Song' has been voted the Number 1 single on an American music site. "We love writing songs but most of all we love playing live and watching the spirits of the audience lift.

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Ooh Ooh Song

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