Hanna Grace

Hanna Grace

About the Artist

Hanna Grace is an exceptionally talented singer songwriter who has recently emerged on the New Zealand music scene.

Her style defies any obvious classification but she has been compared to Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse and Tracey Chapman.

Hanna describes her music as "raw pop with a jazzy rock‐n‐roll twist". When listening to her perform it is clear that that these aren't cooked‐up, made‐for‐market compositions. Hanna draws deeply on personal life experiences, and in the spirit of jazz and blues, she sings with an undiluted, expressive force.


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Concrete And Roses by Hanna Grace cover art

Concrete And Roses

Finding just the right balance of rhythm and seduction, this Pop-Jazzy-Rock'n'Roll mash-up includes stellar singles Red Lips and Hush Now, as well as the hot new track Silver Venus.