About the Artist

Hussies is a new project, masterminded by Casey James Latimer and Jackson Hobbs; otherwise known as “those sellout drops from Sharpie Crows”...

... and defiant that they won’t apologize for being themselves.

They write “pop-music”, the recorded said “pop-music” and have since signed to MUZAI Records, home to “popular-music” to release works in the field of “pop-music”, or “alternative” if you’re ashamed to go into the record store and search amongst the “Pop” music section. Much like the shame buying a top shelf nudie magazine in a trench-coat…

It’s good music that’s not like some of their other work, is we guess the jist of what we’re getting at, in a very roundabout way.

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Grey Headed Ghosts by Hussies cover art

Grey Headed Ghosts

The physical copy of this album - complete with artwork you can touch! A CD you can listen to! Liner notes! True old school chic. Includes an immediate download of ...