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Thrilling power-pop outfit Kingston is comprised of Dan Gibson (vocals), Scott Cleary (guitar), Shohan Hustwick (bass), and Ben Barter (drums).

Forming in 2006 the Auckland based band are engaging audiences with their electrifying live show and continue to do so in their rather non-stop fashion. Their debut single 'Good Good Feeling' Kingston has reacted well with NZ media. Placed in the top 40 NZ singles chart and their distinctive video proving to be a huge success on NZ music TV.

Kingston were also chosen to be 2008's New Zealand Schools Tour band. This covered the whole country on a 3 month nationwide tour spanning July, August & September. With this in hand Kingston have developed a solid loyal fan base across New Zealand and are primed for good things to come.

"Sole Lovers" is the latest from Auckland-based Kingston, a band who played together as youth, and recently reunited for this lovely EP. It's easy on the ears, and serves as a strong indication of what's to come from the outfit.

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Sole Lovers EP by Kingston cover art

Sole Lovers EP

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