Little Bark / Sophie Burbery

Little Bark / Sophie Burbery
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About the Artist

Who is Sophie Burbery? And who is her alter-ego, Little Bark? Why does she feel the need to split herself in two?

Burbery first came to attention with the release of her debut ‘Hope is Rubbery' in 2011. In the spirit of Outkast's celebrated Speakerboxx/The Love Below, Burbery split the album into two EP's, each side created with a different producer. On Hope is Rubbery Burbery presented two distinct musical personas (one side Sophie Burbery, the other Little Bark) with Radio NZ describing it as; ‘Curious, fantastical falling through clouds".

Little Bark performs with a 4 piece band, featuring 2 synthesists, a drummer (using a Simmons electronic kit), bassist and vocals.

On Little Bark's music

"Little Bark - aka Sophie Burbery - creates upbeat, 80s-esque electro-pop reminiscent of Lykke Li, but perhaps even quirkier." 95bFM

"Charming, quivering vocals, kaleidoscopic lyrics and glittering production."
Groove Guide

"the love-child of an unholy coupling between Cyndi Lauper and the Pet Shop Boys."
Sunday Star Times

"The song is another example of Sophie Burbery's strong songwriting abilities....I could easily imagine the song as a Top 40 hit internationally"
NZ Music 4 U

"New Day arrives like just that; a rousing array of space age synths and catapulting electronics that collide to create a quasi-futuristic, instrumental dreamscape. Meanwhile Hmmm offers a similarly textured array of lush, musical technicolor."


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Unique Sonic Broadcast (USB) by Little Bark / Sophie Burbery cover art

Unique Sonic Broadcast (USB)

Burbery's sophomore album, USB, (Unique Sonic Broadcast) was released ...

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