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Pluto is a band living on a small island that regularly falls off the bottom of the earth.

This means we spend a lot of time merely hanging on. However, despite this dangerous and deadly existence, the band recently managed to build its own recording studio (the Wall), thanks largely to the efforts of Milan Borich and Kerry Furlong, both of whom we are much indebted. The songs are the sounds of boys having fun again, and are taking us one step closer to our ultimate goal: to squeeze our bursting love fruits over the entire uncivilised world, in the hope that one day maybe somebody will do the same for us. Until then, hold tight. Get loose. Touch each other. Smile. Cry. Fuck. Get your kicks and don't apologise for doing so. We love you all, always. See you when the stars align.

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Sunken Water by Pluto cover art

Sunken Water

Pluto's third album and follow up to the double platinum Pipeline Under The Ocean. Combining all the best elements of their previous two albums, Pluto have made their most complete ...