The Brunettes

The Brunettes

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The Brunettes - craft intricate and intelligent pop songs - more often than not presented to us in duet form.

Former couple Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield are a modern day Nancy and Lee with a twist of Gainsbourg, a dash of Blondie and a rather large dollop of the Shangri La's. The subtle chemistry between the two, both live and on record, is a rather awkward pleasure and propels their songs to an even higher level. Listener beware, beneath the surface of this kitschy carpenteresque image, lies a sinister cynicism and perhaps even a few double entendres.

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Paper Dolls by The Brunettes cover art

Paper Dolls

The Brunettes have a meticulous craft in the studio. Writing pop songs, that most fickle of forms, requires a precision that comes naturally to the band.