Thomas Brothers

Thomas Brothers

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Four New Zealand brothers who all developed a love for music from an early age.

 They have always played music together so starting 'Thomas Brothers' was a natural progression. In 2015 they tried our hands at 'Battle of the Bands' and made it through to the finals. Thomas Brothers have also written film and TV soundtracks including feature film ‘Someone to Carry Me' and have featured on MTV, Seven Sharp and George FM.

Their self-titled debut album took four years to complete and was released in 2016. Mixed and mastered in New Zealand and New York and has 1,000,000+ online streams. We're currently in the mixing stage of our second album 'Together', set to be released later this year. Come joint them on thier adventure...

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Thomas Brothers

Four New Zealand brothers, doing what they love. 'Thomas Brothers' is our debut album, mixed and mastered in New Zealand and New York. 12 tracks individually crafted with a distinct kiwi flavour.