Thomas Brothers

Thomas Brothers

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Four New Zealand brothers who all developed a love for music from an early age.

The Thomas Brothers are a band of four brothers. Consisting of four siblings, Sam, Josh, Joe and Ben. They have been playing music together since before they could walk. They released their debut self-titled album in 2016, featuring the songs ‘I Need To Get Home’ and ‘Keep Holding On’.

With a musician for a dad, music is in their blood. But it’s not just music that the brothers are passionate about. For them, the visual representation of songs is equally as important, as evidence on their YouTube page, on which their videos have clocked up impressive streaming numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Fans can now see the exquisitely-shot and edited videos for ‘Sorry’ and 'Writing On The Wall,' featuring a host of well-known names and faces in the creative industries, including James Davies, Rosita Hendry and Dayna Grant.

“We’ve got a lot to say about love, family and togetherness. We’re passionate about getting our message out there and we’re excited to be releasing our second studio album 'Together’ on the 24th of January, 2020. You can go fast alone… or you can go far together.”

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Recorded over four years, the album is truly a labour of love and a real family project. As the title suggests, TOGETHER pays homage to all that have played a part in the making of the album, including the boys’ sister Esther Ruth and their dad, who both lend their musical talents to the record. “For us, family is about being real, and so is our music. This album describes what we mean to each other, and the importance of unity. Like we kept saying when recording it, ‘You can go fast alone... or you can go far together!’.”