Tim Chesney

Tim Chesney

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Christchurch Singer/Songwriter Tim Chesney is 26 - since passing the 25 year barrier age has begun to concern him. Pop acts appear that are a decade his junior - is he too old to make music?

Some days he yearns for his stolen youth and the heady days of beliving that life and music had some huge cosmic meaning. Other days he longs for the comfort of being thoroughly past it, and the simple pleasure of resting in the easy chair of obsurity.


But, for now, he squirms in discomfort, twisiting and turning in the grip of the monster that is the mid-twenties, unable to let go of his youth, yet unwilling to accept his bourgeois fate.

His songs are missiles at the world he once knew, fizzing and popping harmlessly off the thick hide of his comfortable life


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