Tono and The Finance Company

Tono and The Finance Company

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Tono is a songwriter for a new generation. Born in 1986, the year after Roger Douglas sailed NZ into the free market, Tono grew up when we were trading in our tattered old social consciences for the sexy promises of neo-liberal economics.

His debut EP, Love & Economics, is awitty, playful take on a deadly serious subject – the effect of the invisible hand on the heart. With insightful, character-based lyrics, twisting key changes and tightly crafted song structures, this 5-song EP will leave you running for Wikipedia to look up 'opportunity cost.'

Tono recorded the EP with his band, the Finance Company. Together they create live sets full of satirical lyrics, twisting jazz progressions and symphonic backing vocals – but also a refreshing sense of space.


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Fragile Thing by Tono and The Finance Company cover art

Fragile Thing

This new EP leaves behind the old themes and Beatles-esque pop of Tono and the Finance Company's first EP, Love and Economics, but retains singer Anthonie Tonnon's ironic wit and ...